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Chapter History

How it Started

GAP Atlanta 

With colony status and three strong Theta Nu Xi Sorors, the GAP Atlanta colony elected to take on a line. Sincere interest existed in the Atlanta area, so even as they were attempting to gain chapter status, the Butterflies of GAP Atlanta pushed forward with their intentions to bring new members into Theta Nu Xi.

Because of the amount of work required to gain chapter status while proceeding with intake, Sorors Jennifer Lopez (Delta Chapter, SPR 2002) and Paula Brown (Delta Chapter, SPR 2002), line sisters to Soror Moran, offered their assistance. Soror Brown, in fact, transferred her membership to the GAP Atlanta colony, even though she had not yet moved to Atlanta.


With four active members, chapter status was achieved on Thursday, January 15th, 2004. Executing WOES, Xi Epsilon's first line crossed on January 21st, 2004.

It was July of 2003, in Atlanta.


Soror Bryn Moran, (Delta Chapter, SPR 2002) had just moved to the city to attend Emory University’s Medical School. She longed for the close ties she had left behind in North Carolina and began to seek sisterhood in her new city. 


At that year’s National Convention, she came into contact with Soror Anna Lamadrid (Alpha Chapter, SPR 1998). Together, they discussed the possibility of creating a strong Alumnae presence in the Atlanta area and establishing a GAP chapter. 


Later that year, Soror Zela Chin (Delta Chapter Fall 2002), moved to Atlanta after accepting an offer to work for CNN. She connected with Sorors Moran and Lamadrid, and together they held the first meeting of their newly formed GAP Atlanta colony on October 3rd, 2003.

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